Sponsoring a Family Member for PERM

Sponsoring a Family Member for PERM: How can working with a neutral third-party human resources consulting company, like No More Mondays, (More about PERM HERE).

The Hurdle of Sponsoring a Family Member for PERM 

A familial relationship is not necessarily fatal to an employer’s PERM filing, but it increases scrutiny of the PERM process by the Department of Labor (“DOL”). When the employer has properly disclosed the familial relationship on their Form 9089, also known as the “PERM Application”, the DOL typically requires a full inspection of the case that includes requests for additional information. To overcome the scrutiny, the employer must establish that there is a bona fide job opportunity for U.S. workers and that the employee did not have any undue influence in the recruitment process in accordance with 20 CFR §656.20(c)(8). The DOL considers various factors to determine whether there is a bona fide job opportunity, such as control and influence over hiring decisions, ownership interest, management involvement, number of employees, job requirements, and more. 

The Benefits of Collaborating with No More Mondays 

The way an employer conducts human resources and talent acquisition, maintains transparency, adheres to regulations and other compliance, and promotes overall fairness are all paramount.  When it comes to intricate recruitment processes like the PERM process, these principles become even more crucial. In this blog post, we will explore the significant advantages of enlisting the services of a neutral third-party human resources consulting company, such as No More Mondays, to oversee the PERM process and establish a bona fide job opportunity. 

Understanding the PERM Process 

The PERM process is a key component of the U.S. immigration system, designed to ensure that foreign workers are only employed in instances where no qualified U.S. workers are readily available and apply for a particular job position. The process involves a series of rigorous steps to demonstrate that the employer has made a genuine effort to recruit U.S. workers before considering foreign labor. 

The Role of a Neutral Third Party 

A neutral third-party human resources consulting company like No More Mondays plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of the PERM process. They act as a bridge between the employer and the government, ensuring that recruitment and hiring procedures are carried out ethically and in compliance with DOL regulations.

Benefits of Collaborating with No More Mondays 

Impartial Oversight: 

No More Mondays brings an unbiased perspective to the recruitment process. Their involvement assures the government that the employer’s intentions are genuine and that there is no manipulation of the hiring process in favor foreign workers. 

Compliance Assurance: 

Navigating the complexities of the PERM process can be challenging. No More Mondays specializes in immigration regulations and ensures that every step is followed meticulously, reducing the risk of costly errors or delays. 

Documentation Excellence: 

The PERM process requires extensive documentation. No More Mondays maintains accurate records and prepare all necessary documentation in collaboration with Burgos Law, relieving employers of the administrative burden while guaranteeing meticulous record keeping for DOL compliance. 

Transparent Communication: 

Effective communication is crucial throughout the PERM process. No More Mondays facilitates clear and transparent communication between the employer, the government, and potential candidates, fostering an environment of trust and credibility. 

Time and Cost Savings: 

By outsourcing the oversight of the PERM process to No More Mondays, employers can focus on their core activities without dedicating excessive time and resources to the intricacies of immigration regulations. 


From upholding the integrity of recruitment efforts to ensuring compliance with DOL regulations, Burgos Law collaborates seamlessly with No More Mondays, an alliance that 

simplifies and streamlines the entire PERM journey for employers wanting to sponsor a family member. As part of this collaborative effort, we invite you to initiate the PERM process with Burgos Law to embark on a collaboration with No More Mondays. To learn more about No More Mondays and their comprehensive services, visit their website at www.nomoremondays.net.